T-Pro Forcefield Pro CE Lvl-2 Backpad

  • CE Level 2 performance
  • Soft and Flexible
  • Fits within the pockets in most race suits and jackets!
  • Repeat performance technology
  • Comfortable and Non-restrictive
  • 2 sizes available, in 2 shapes
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Molds to your body shape
  • Easily replaces our factory back pad w/out suit modifications
  • CE Level 2 Protection, in a back insert. The highest rated protection possible. Install this top-rated back protector* and instantly and vastly improve the safety of your jacket or motorcycle leathers. The Forcefield TPro Back Insert is designed to be soft, flexible and comfortable. Using a unique high-tech triangular shock absorbing material combined with dense and lightweight layers of foam, energy can be dispersed evenly over its surface. Designed in 2 shapes so it is suitable for the majority of jackets on the market, and is available in two levels of protection. An absolute must for any rider who does not use a dedicated back protector.

    Same as the Forcefield Back, but with no straps Motorcyclist said it all in their March 2007 issue:
    Here's the benchmark by which all other back protectors should be judged... layers of shock absorbing nitrex foam slow impact energy levels to less damaging levels. The combination transmits less force than anything else we have seen...Much thinner than you would expect for such World Class protection, the Forcefield slips under tight leathers without becoming an encumbrance.

    CE Approved to EN1621-2:2003 and EN340:2003

    What Performance level does the Forcefield achieve?
    The Forcefield back achieves level 2,the highest pass possible against the latest European draft standard ref: prEN1621 - 2, which is officially known as "Motorcyclists Protective Clothing against mechanical impacts - Part 2" i.e. Motorcyclists Back. The SATRA Technology Centre in the UK has stringently tested the Forcefield Back. CE documentation and performance tests are fully approved and supported by SATRA. All production is continually monitored both in the UK and Asia. By our working closely with `SATRA Technology Centre` and the `Protective Clothing Research Facility` at Cambridge University gives the consumer assurance that Forcefield down to its finest detail conforms to the latest CE requirements.

    A combination of a unique triangular high tech shock absorbing material in conjunction with a different density base layer creates a versatile, soft and lightweight protective layer. The innovative design allows energy to be dispersed evenly across its surface therefore reducing areas of high-transmitted forces, which cause injury to the user.

    Multi Layer
    Layers of high tech shock absorbing Nitrex foams offering soft, highly flexible and comfortable armour that moulds to the user's body. The layers of foam are perforated and stitched in such a way as to allow partial movement of the inner layers. This movement helps to pump air through the perforations allowing air to build up and move between the layers when in use. These air pockets assist in absorbing the impact, therefore increasing the level of protection.

    Each Layer of Nitrex foam has a series of holes specifically arranged to maximize performance and breathability. These perforations also aid in reducing weight and enhancing the comfort aspects of the product.

    Forcefield is a brand synonymous with high performance protection, innovative design and with commercial acceptability in mind.

    Only a few motorcyclists receive a direct blow to the spine causing serious injury; more spine injuries are probably due to direct blows to the shoulders and hips. The products commonly known as motorcyclists back protectors, if correctly designed and constructed may alleviate some minor direct impacts on the back, but will not prevent skeletal or neurological injuries to the spine in motorcycle accidents.

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