SL-Roo Kangaroo Race Suit

The best of the best. All inclusive.

Weight Matters

Our best design, the lowest weight, the best armor. All inclusive

The Spartan SL-Roo suit is the best suit we can make. Period.

Features Include:

  • Due to the cost of this suit, we will make a test-fit suit and send it to you before we make the final Kangaroo leather suit, so you can be sure it will fit perfectly. This does add a couple weeks of time to your order, so let us know if you dont want it.
  • .9mm premium racing-grade Kangaroo leather
  • External armor at Shoulders, Knees and Elbows, as well as elbow sliders.
  • TPro Forcefield CE Level 2 Armor at Shoulders, knees, elbows and hips - The best armor, included. (If you do not want TPro, let us know and we'll work out a lower cost option for you)
  • Nearly every seam on the suit is a rolled triple stitch, an extremely strong seam
  • Double layered impact areas. (2nd layer is cowhide).
  • Heavily precurved to fit the racing position.
  • Extra areas of raised padding at the collar bone and the shoulder blade, over the tail bone, as well as on the inside of the thigh where your tank grip might be.
  • It has a lot of stretch paneling going up the back and sides, but it is done with fewer seams than our other suits, and as you see, it the stretch goes up to and meets at the top of the shoulder. That design element allows the wearer to have free movement in all directions of the shoulders, with no binding.
  • It has seamless kevlar stretch panels in the crotch area, so no seams there to cause discomfort, and more kevlar in the arms.
  • YKK Metal zippers
  • Laser cut logos. These are available with or without the outline, according to your preference.
  • Lifetime Warranty! Complete Warranty Terms
  • Design: Don't like our SL-1 suit design? We'll make this to any design you want
  • The price on these motorcycle racing leathers includes custom tailoring, color choices, all sponsor logos desired, rider name logos, screen printed designs, etc that a person wants, and of course free shipping to the Continental US.

    Turnaround time averages 8 weeks on this item

    TPRO Armor:
    Full information on the TPro Type B Armor can be found here: Click here
    Full information on the TPro Back Pad can be found here: Click here

    Color Templates
    SL-1 1pc with collar and Back Hump
    SL-1 1pc w/Double Main Zipper

    Spartan provides motorcycle gear made to the highest specifications that you can feel confident wearing for years, or even decades if you take care of it. Our small family owned business model keeps out the middle-men, and gets you the best value for your dollar. We are never satisfied, and are constantly re-evaluating how to improve our gear. Due to that constant process of improvement, your leathers may vary slightly from published pictures.

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