Dealer/Retailer Opportunities

To become a Spartan Apparel dealer, we require each retailer to stock a minimum of 6 suits/jackets/etc (sizes US 40-50) at any given time. This allows you to have product on hand for fitting and also to be sold. As we all know, customers will buy what they can take home that day. Once sold, the suit can typically be replaced within 2 weeks time if it is a standard color.

Your suit order can be in one of our standard rack size suit designs/colors, or we can produce motorcycle leathers for you in any design or color you would like. Color schemes and designs can be as simple or complex as required based on your area or customer base. If you would like to have a design unique to your store, an order of 12 suits will allow you to have an exclusive design. Re-orders may take as much as 4 weeks if you go this route.

If you are intrested in selling Spartan Leathers products, please contact us for more information.



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