Elite Two-Piece Motorcycle Racing Leathers (Custom)


The Elite Two-Piece Race Suit is a high-end motorcycle racing suit, with features that make it rise above the competition.

With features such as large seamless leather panels, large Schoeller Keprotec stretch panels, excessive use of stretch leather, and ample use of double layer leather these motorcycle racing leathers are sure to be a rockin' race suit that will survive many crashes.

Full Specifications:
  • 1.4mm Premium grade cowhide leather
  • Multiple stitched & glued seams
  • Schoeller Keprotec Stretch paneling for comfort and flexibility
  • Titanium Shoulder Protectors
  • NO SIDE SEAM ON THE THIGH! Nothing to wear away or burst in a slide
  • Main Forearm seam protected by leather overlay
  • Nearly excessive use of stretch leather for flexiblity and comfort
  • Entire butt are and forearm made with double layer leather
  • Micro Perforation in front for excellent breathability
  • Large perfs in rear for free-flowing exhaust w/out causing durability issues
  • Heavy Duty Metal YKK zippers throughout
  • Coats high strength bonded nylon thread
  • Zip-out Cool-max mesh liner
  • 360 Degree pants attachment zipper
  • As always, made to your measurements
  • With your choice of colors and suit options!
  • 5 Year Warranty! Complete Warranty Terms
Spartan is now an All-Inclusive custom motorcycle gear provider. That means, whatever options you want, you get at no extra cost!* Do you want a double main zipper, thermal liner, custom back/chest lettering? No problem, and it will be no extra cost. Do you need a modification to the suit to meet your needs? No problem. It is included in the cost of your suit! Just let us know what you want when you submit your measurements. *TPro armor upgrades are excluded from the All-inclusive pricing structure. Limit of 4 pieces custom lettering per suit (For example: Name on chest, name on back, and number on each arm)

More details:
When designing this suit, I asked myself, what would the ultimate race suit need? The first is protection. Not in just the armor, but in protection from abrasion. What are the biggest points of contact? The shoulder, back of the thigh, the forearm and the butt. So I undertook creating a suit minimizing seams to an even greater extent than on previous suits, creating a suit that has no seams from the center of the butt, to the front of the leg. Not only would it have no seams but it would also have double layer leather over the entire seat, in more than just the middle of the seat, but throughout that high wear area of the butt and rear of the thigh. With nearly 3mm of leather, and no seams, you could practically be dragged all the way around the track without having a failure. Then I turned my attention to the arms. The forearm is possibly the biggest area of concern. I created the forearms entirely with double layer leather. Not only that, but the exposed main seam is a big area of potential abrasion and failure, so I covered it with an overlay to prevent that seam from being compromised. That's a total thickness of 4.2mm of leather! Then the shoulder: In addition to double layer leather, we also added a titanium protector that will help prevent leather abrasion. And in the event of impact with the pavement, will provide those watching with a nice show of sparks. :)

The next thing a race suit needs is flexibility. The first thing allowing flexibility is supple leather. The 1.4.mm premium grade cowhide leather that is standard in all my products is some of the most supple I've seen. Check. Next is stretch paneling. A large panel in the lower back allows good flexibility when in race tuck, and the paneling on the sides of the torso, and the front and back of the shoulder allows the upper body freedom to move, twist and flex. The elbows have a stretch panel that extends completely around the arm, providing excellent flexibility there. That translates to no more difficulty strapping on your helmet. Notice too the Keprotec panels on the inside of the arms, the crotch and behind the legs are large and strategically placed to allow a great amount of movement and to eliminate bunched and pinching leather.

Please Note! Delivery times are simply estimates and cannot be guaranteed! Suits usually only take anywhere from 4-6 weeks for delivery, however various conditions could delay the delivery of your custom leathers, such as US Customs delays, natural disaster, and manufacturing delays (due to things like restocking leather supplies). I highly recommend NOT signing up for trackdays until after you have received the leathers in hand, and have verified the fit.

TPRO Armor Upgrade:
Lite Package includes T-PRO Forcefield Type-B armor in the Shoulders, Elbows, Knees and Hips.
Note: All T-Pro Armor will be sent along with or separate from your suit and is for you to install. Anticipate it will take 30 mins to an hour
Full information on the TPro Type B Armor can be found here: Click here
Full information on the TPro Back Pad can be found here: Click here

Color Templates:
Spartan Elite 2pc w/collar, w/Large Back Hump
Spartan Elite 2pc w/out collar, w/Large Back Hump
Spartan Elite 2pc w/collar, w/out Back Hump
Spartan Elite 2pc w/out collar, w/out Back Hump

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