Spartan Charge 1pc Racing Suit - Standard Sizes

Quality that is Greater than the Price

Elbow down, knee out, you quickly pass the apex confident in your line . . . until you realize your entry speed was too high and you're rapidly approaching the edge of the track. You push the inside bar just a bit more while that little voice in your head says "Will my leathers protect me when I hit the ground .2 seconds from now?" Is that what you want to be worrying about when you're in that situation? We guarantee that if any of our main seams fail in a crash* , we will repair or replace your suit for free within the warranty period of your suit.

The Spartan Charge One-Piece Race Suit is our most affordable set of motorcycle racing leathers, that still outperforms anything else in its price range. Impressive construction techniques and a materials list that makes the competition cry add up to make these motorcycle leathers sure to impress you the first time you see them, and even more so the first time you crash in them, although we'd prefer you keep your motorcycle shiny side up.

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Some features of this 1pc Motorcycle Racing suit include:

  • 1.4mm premium grade cowhide leather
  • Advanced safety seam construction - Every seam utilizes multiple stitching.
  • High strength bonded nylon thread
  • Schoeller Keprotec (Kevlar weave) used for stretch panels
  • Perforated front and rear
  • Back hump standard
  • CE approved GP-style armor
  • Zippered bicep vents
  • Stretch Leather at upper arms, upper and lower back, above knee, and behind the elbows for better flexibility
  • Heavy Duty metal zips throughout
  • Knee Pucks are included
  • Extra Tail-bone padding for comfort
  • 3 year Guarantee! Complete Warranty Terms

Sizing Size Chart

Available In Stock Colors: White/Black
Or you can order your Off-the-rack Charge suit in Custom Colors (on a Special Order basis)!! Please note special order suits are non-returnable, and will be at an extra cost over closeout prices.

FAQ: Can I get other colors besides just Black and White?
A: Yes, on a special order basis. There is an extra fee (Clearance prices not included) to cover additional shipping expenses, and it will take 4-8 weeks to arrive. These special order suits would have the same return policy as custom suits, so it may be worthwhile to get one of our standard rack sizes to ensure fit before ordering the custom colored suit.
Spartan provides motorcycle gear made to the highest specifications that you can feel confident wearing for years, or even decades if you take care of it. Our small family owned business model keeps out the middle-men, and gets you the best value for your dollar. We are never satisfied, and are constantly re-evaluating how to improve our motorcycle gear. Due to that constant process of improvement, your leathers may vary slightly from published pictures.

Spartan%20Charge%201pc%20Motorcycle%20Leathers * Main seams are those that contribute to the integrity of the suit, but do not include overlays, graphics, or trim)

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