About SpartanLeathers.com


We provide motorcycle leathers of the highest quality, from our least expensive to the most.Whether you are a professional level racer, first-time track-day rider; whether you ride a cruiser or sportbike, we have leathers for you.We never skimp on leather quality, on seam construction or design techniques to meet a price point. You can count on your Spartan leathers to provide many years of service, and generally many get-offs if you end up shiny side down.

We are a small, family owned business, created with the purpose of providing quality motorcycle gear at a reasonable price. We are not the cheapest, because our gear is not garbage. At the same time, we do not believe in gouging riders. And lets' face it. . . If we charge too much, people will buy their riding gear from someone with a bigger name, or worse yet, will ride without gear. And when you crash without gear, it's going to be ugly. We don't want to see that.

We are riders like you. In fact, Spartan came about because my wife needed leathers, and I simply couldn't find anything to fit her correctly. I also couldn't find any custom options I liked. One thing led to another, and here we are, producing motorcycle racing suits. All that said, we want to make you happy. Do you want something you don't see? Just Ask! We can make anything!