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Yet Another Crash Test
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Author Topic: Yet Another Crash Test  (Read 3442 times)
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« on: September 29, 2010, 10:12:16 PM »

I didn't want to post one of these reviews, and have delayed a while since it happened, but unfortunately I did crash test the suit. I went down at Barber Motorsports Park, at what I refer to as turn 12, the turn before the hill over the tunnel. First lap of the first session after lunch, and I think my tires were a little cold, and my body and brain were not quite into it again yet. I lost the front end and lowsided exiting the corner, and have not quite figured out how I managed that. I am not sure how fast I was going but I slide and rolled about 150 feet on the pavement and grass. My guess is that I was going somewhere around 60 or 70 at the time, but that is just a guess. The bike got airborne as it went off the track, and did some end over end tumbling, so there was a fair amount of damage to at both the front and the back, including snapping off the aluminum mount for the instrument panel.

My suit has the T-Pro armour in it, and one of their claims is that the softer armour protects both the suit and the rider better. Looking at the wear on a few of the other crashed suits and then at mine, I think it lived up to it's promise. The suit also fits snuggly, so there was no internal rubbing in all the sliding and rolling. Most of it was on the left side, but there is also some signs of wear on the back, and a fair amount on the backside. I must have been sitting some of the time. The only damage to me was bruising on the end of one finger, and the next day I discovered I had bruised my butt a bit. So the suit did a very good job of protecting me.

As you can see, the suit only has superficial damage on it. It picked up a lot of tar, and took off the surface coating on the yellow where it rubbed. There are places where it looks like something sliced off the surface, particularly on the legs. I think in those places the leather was creased a bit and ridges were sticking out. The only place any stitching gave out was on the overlay on the right arm

As you can see, minimal damage on the shoulder.

The hip as well shows surface damage, but no structural damage. With the T-Pro pads, no bruising at all on the hips.

It looks like my leg was sliding on the puck most of the time, but you can see where it rubbed along the edge of that and wore off some of the velcro. The way it almost sliced off the top layer of the yellow leather is interesting.

The back mainly just got dirty, although there were a few scuffs. I was surprised that the hump showed no signs of damage or dirt as there were marks on either side of it.

Even the Spartan logo held up quite well. This picture is really to show the stitching that let go. It wore through the stitching, but the overlay is really there to protect the main seam underneath, so I guess it did it's job.

I just wish my bike had been wearing Spartan leathers.
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« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2010, 06:48:54 AM »

Thanks for posting up your crash story & pics.

It sounds like both you and your suit are in one piece, so that's good.
But Im sorry to hear your bike isnt though.
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« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2010, 07:59:50 PM »

Oh no! The beautiful Triumph logo suit!

Glad you're OK!

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