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 on: June 07, 2015, 02:40:57 AM 
Started by ithaca00 - Last post by ithaca00
I just had a race weekend at Thunderhill Raceway and walked away with a different kind of trophy...  A wrecked bike and beaten gear.

I was hit by a bigger bike as he tried to beat me to the apex of a turn.  I got there first and still lost.

I hit the deck at about 90mph and slid on my back and tumbled a few times.  Overall the suit did really well.  There's only a few busted seams but I'm hoping I can get it fixed quickly.

The initial glamour shot from the previous race weekend...

And now the damage...

 on: February 11, 2014, 12:57:36 PM 
Started by Admin - Last post by Admin
Here's a pic-laden thread where one of my customers crashed in his Spartan Charge 2pc suit at approx. 120mph!

 on: December 18, 2013, 08:05:28 PM 
Started by bkvonkriegelstein - Last post by bkvonkriegelstein
Wow, I didn't even realize that!  Since I didn't see any vents I had assumed it was not vented.  Thanks for the info!  I up my rating to 9/10, but for some reason I can't edit my main post.  Thanks again.

 on: December 18, 2013, 12:20:41 PM 
Started by bkvonkriegelstein - Last post by Admin
Hey Brandon,
Thanks for the review.

Sorry for missing the pocket request.
You might note, however, that your back hump has perforated leather... and a slightly different shape of foam as my other suits do... That is because I was able to get a vented back hump.  It does not have the fancy intakes/exhaust or anything, but it is vented. 


 on: December 17, 2013, 11:21:04 PM 
Started by bkvonkriegelstein - Last post by bkvonkriegelstein
Quick note about measuring:  I kept my measurements true to size, no inflating of the numbers for increased room.

 on: December 17, 2013, 11:16:08 PM 
Started by bkvonkriegelstein - Last post by bkvonkriegelstein
Greetings, I have finally decided to get around to reviewing the spartan leathers SL-1 custom suit which I purchased several months ago.  When I was in the market for a custom suit originally, I was not able to find many reviews with pictures for reference of the SL-1 suit, so hopefully this review will help some people.

1.  Ordering process:  The ordering process is fairly straight forward.  You pick the suit model which you would like, then do a color layout (which you can do on the site via a flash too).  If you are adventurous, you can download and create a fully custom suit in Photoshop with logo's and lettering (this was the option I took).  
I also asked for several additional options, such as a neoprene lining on the collar and a dual color stretch panel in the back.  I also asked for a pocket on the inside to hold my phone/wallet when i'm in canyons and a vented back hump.  Dave from spartan was very quick with responses and easy to communicate with.

2.  Measuring:  I was in the market for a custom suit because I am 6'5 and weigh in around 200 lb's.  As such, no stock suits come even close to fitting me.  I have been making due with a dainese new dal mar jacket, coupled with dainese delta pro pants... but I had to get both too large in order to get the length I needed.  
          ----I had my fiance' measure me 3 times for the suit.  Measurements are in inches.  You need to take I think 29 measurements if you are male.  I had my fiance' use small pieces of painters tape to mark the landmarks we were measuring from to ensure accuracy.----

3.  Delivery Time:  My suit took around 10 weeks from time of ordering until i received the suit.  Marginally more then I expected, but not too bad compared to say a dainese.

4.  Initial thoughts:  Suit was VERY snug.  Leather was significantly stiffer then the dainese leathers I had, and it was also thicker.  Fit was very snug, so much so that the first time I took it off I had to have my fiance' help me get out of it.  2 negative things were that they are unable to do a vented back hump at this time which was something I had wanted, and also that they appeared to have forgotten to add a pocket (to be fair though, I had emailed several days after the initial order regarding the pocket request, so I assume it was lost in the shuffle).  I will say, once I was in the suit, it fit like a glove... I was surprised with the fit, because I was sure we would have screwed up the measurements, but I think we got them right.  Quality of stitching and zippers appears equal to that of my dainese gear. They were able to do the neoprene lining on the collar which is nice, the logo and font for the name is perfect, and the suit comes with a liner which is removable.  They also were able to do the dual colored back stretch panel which is sweet.

Neoprene collar

The thermal part of the liner which zips out easilly

Close up of the back stretch panel

Final Thoughts:  So, I have used the suit probably 10 times for vigorous riding, and here are my thoughts now.  The fit of the suit has improved significantly, as this is my first 1 piece i'm not sure if that is normal or not, but it is much more comfortable and flexible then when I first got it.  It is still not as soft as the dainese, and i'm thinking of putting some leather product on the suit to soften it up even more, but the fit is way better (it is custom after all).  I have since had a tailor add a pocket on the inside so that is no longer an issue.  I still wish I could have gotten a vented back hump.  The suit breaths very well, in fact I have taken to wearing the thermal liner more often then not.  I had them use the forcefield armor which I have used before, and it breaths well and is flexiable.  I have not crashed at all in it yet, so I can't attest to its crash worthiness, but I have no reservations about going out and pushing myself and I feel completely safe in my gear.  When I crash I will update this review.  

If I had to rate this suit, I would rate it probably 8.5/10.  Its a very nice suit at a good bargain compared to big name alternatives with similar features.  it is a simple ordering process, and the all inclusive pricing is nice.  I think it is made in pakistan, but considering my dainese gear was made in the ukraine, I don't really care where my gear comes from if it is good quality.   The few areas of improvement would be softer leather out of the box, a vented back hump, and if I had had the pocket added when I got it rather than having to do it after.   Its a good suit, and I would buy it again and recommend it, particularly to tall guys like me who struggle with finding anything to fit them.

And now, a couple glamour shots with the SV out at Palomar to ice the cake!  thanks for reading.

 on: September 08, 2013, 04:14:56 PM 
Started by flylikechris - Last post by flylikechris
Just a season closing update.
I've been down once, and you can't even tell. Leathers are holding up great.
I also won coolest leathers at the track award yesterday!

Thanks Dave!

 on: January 24, 2013, 07:04:02 AM 
Started by flylikechris - Last post by Admin
Awesome!  Im thrilled you're happy with the suit, and color... you never know what is in someones head when it comes to colors.   Grin

Thanks for posting the review!

 on: January 23, 2013, 11:18:08 PM 
Started by flylikechris - Last post by flylikechris
Hi guys!
Before pulling the trigger, I spent a good six months reading everything I could find on the internet about Spartan Leathers. Specifically the one piece custom Charge suit. I figured I would return the favor, considering how helpful I found the reviews. (Especially the pictures).

What I should note before going any further, is that this is my first race suit.
I live right down the street from a very well known sport bike gear store. They are my go to guys for just about every piece of riding gear. Every time I run into the shop, I spend a good time checking out the "Motogp name brand" suits. I thought that at the charge pricing I would wind up get something of lesser quality.
I was dead wrong..
Before I even opened the plastic bag I could tell that this was a notch above all the others.
Everything from the feel of the leather to the seams holding it all together, it felt much more professional and less "manufactured" like the others.
I can't speak enough to how soft and how beautiful this leather is.
The leather is also very thick and rugged in high impact zones, right where it needs to be.
It is without a doubt a notch above the others.

I would also like to acknowledge that Dave listens to every piece of feedback he receives.
I've read just about every post on these leathers, and where Dave said he would improve, I can point out on this suit where he did.

Before you look at the photos, note that I had him custom color the green leather. I believe that his stock "green" probably closer resembles the Kawasaki bright green. I was just looking for something a little darker than traditional Kawasaki Green.
Based on the picture I provided, he nailed my color of green exactly how I wanted!

He also was able to add custom "kawasaki" lettering for me! Everything looks even and perfectly sized.
Plus, the spartan logo and embossing looks seriously badass..

I had him add titanium shoulder sliders for me. I think that normally they only come standard on the SL-1 and Elite models.

For sizing reference, I am 180lbs (slim) and 6'8" tall.
Very quirky measurements to ever hope I could find something off the shelf.
I had my brother measure me twice, adding a bit of padding wherever Dave recommended in his youtube video.

If anyone has any questions just PM me, or add a reply! I'll try and check as time goes on.

This literally fits like a glove.
I won't be buying a suit from anyone else ever Cheesy

Thanks Dave, keep putting out amazing product..

 on: December 05, 2012, 10:56:11 AM 
Started by Admin - Last post by Admin
Hey everybody.  We've been working on w/ refreshing the Charge and Elite suit designs, and we would love to know what you think about them. 
Do you like the changes?  Hate them?   Do you think something else would look better?  Are we missing anything?





Im thinking maybe keeping one of these this color schemes in stock, along with maybe solid black, or black and white like I have now w/ the current Charge suit. 

Do you like either of these color schemes?

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